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  • We keep your skin radiant and glowing.
  • We focus on natural herbal skin care solutions
  • We provide treatments and products that are safe, sanitary and effective.
  • We offer tailored take home plans for each individual.

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Removing pigmentation can drastically change your appearance in an incredibly positive way. For those of you who are feeling irritated, frustrated or even upset at the amount of pigmentation you have, we can help!

28Days Challenge

There's a million and one "solutions" on the market available that are supposed to clear you of acne, for some of us the generic solutions just simply won't work. Our in-house specially tailored plans will guarantee your acne is drastically reduced or completely gone!

28Days Challenge

As we get older, we get wrinkles... the best solution to this is to have already built a habit from a younger age around preventing wrinkles, however, we have solutions available for those of who didn't take these precautions!

28Days Challenge

New & Innovative Technology

Australian Beauty Pro only uses the latest, most innovative technology the beauty industry
has to offer. Combine that with the most affordable pricing around and we are the best
choice for all your professional beauty needs.


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Consultation & Assessment

We find out exactly what your goals are and what treatment is required.


Meet The Team

You'll meet our team of trained beauty experts who will be taking care of you.


First Session

Next you'll complete your first session with us to see just how good we are.


Membership Plan

Now that we've earned your trust, we'll offer you big savings on our monthly tailored plans.


Experience The Best!

Australian Beauty Pro is where you can find a professional beauty team that you can trust to take the headaches and concern out of the everyday pressure of having to look your best. Relax & enjoy a personalised experience in our comfortable clinic.

We have proudly built a strong track record of incredible results.


All our team members are super friendly and lovely to deal with.


We focus on providing the most valuable we possible can.


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